3D Digitalization Factory

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All of our Applications work seamlessly to make your rollout run much faster and
with a lot less effort. Make sure to visit the Project Types and Services areas to see
more options that will suit your particular project

2D-3D Factory (Cloud)

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  • The cloud based digitalization platform – 3D “Digital Twin” of the physical network (existing and new)

  • Connecting your people to your data across all rollout activities
  • Integrate with existing systems

Site Finder (AI)

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  • Automatically finds the optimum locations for new cells.
  • Value Grids – turning geographies into heat maps
  • Automated analysis – ROI analysis,

Site Stamp Tool

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  • 1-Click to birth new sites/options into GIS

  • Auto generates Workflow

  • Auto generate 3D Build

3D Virtual Showroom

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  • Let your customers learn about your products through this experiential application
  • Publish high quality 360 Panoramic and image posts on the web and social media

  • Run Virtual Conferences


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