3D Digitalization Factory

Built for any Project Type

The 3D Digitalization Factory and the Products are built to handle all project types.
See which of these matches your project and make sure to see Services for more options.


Rural New Build

The Site Finder (AI) suite of tools analyses geographies (large or small) to identify the best site locations. Then the Stamp Tool creates options that are driven through the workflow and GIS applications at lightning speed.

Urban New Build

Urban New Build projects are similar to the Rural project type in terms of the key tools and overall approach. Typically we build accurate 3D models from laser scans and build high quality designs in the 3D Viewer that can be accessed by anyone across your team.

Upgrade (Rural/Urban)

For Upgrade projects, we have developed an efficient low-cost methodology whereby the existing cell sites (rooftop or greenfield) are scanned and converted into 3D Models wherein the existing site and the proposed site designs are added.

Geospatial Analysis (incl Smart Capex)

Ambiflo Geospatial Team (Oasis Insights) has developed data tools that support the Wide Area Digital Twin approach to identify opportunities and problems in large scale geographies. The Geospatial tools can determine Smart Capex and many more valuable insights at any scale – up to national scale

Finder (AI) suite has been designed to interrogate large areas and identify the optimum locations for new infrastructure. The Suite also delivers automated visualizations and insights, such as ROI tables and charts.


3D Site Solution Designs

The Ambiflo 3D tool utilizes Game Engine technology which provides powerful rendering and visualizations. Let us build out your library of standard site designs that are automatically added with the Stamp Tool.

Bespoke Projects (Digitalization Machines)

Digitalization Machines are custom-built to precise use cases and with the objective of delivering the required output at scale by creating a frictionless automated workflow that is entirely digital. Often the Digitalization Machine will create specific outputs at scale and speed so as to create consistent and precise standards at reduced cost, AND create a Digital Twin in the process
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