Workflow Automation & Digital Twins for Telecoms

We create Digital Machines for all Digital Twin life cycle phases - Planning - Design - Build - Operations

Acquire, Design, Build & Operate Mobile Networks at Lightning Speed

Automation, Tools and Data in 1 place.

Turning Complex Data into Visual Insights

Our Geospatial Data Analysis tools automate valuable insights that are surfaced in 2D and 3D via Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation for Contractors

Tools that contractors can quickly and easily get started with to manage and deliver projects with real-time status at any level - Customer/ Project/PO/Site/Task

Acquire, Design & Build Mobile Networks at Lightning Speed

Your Platform provides Automation, Tools and Data in 1 place.

Turning Complex Data into Visual Insights

The AI driven Data Analysis suite is housed inside the cloud-based GIS which is connected to our Automated Workflow and 3D Viewer

Bringing 3D Digitalization to Telecommunications

We provide your web-based 3D Digitalization Factory, with the tools you need to deliver rollout and operations, on a wide range of
3D Digitalization Factory

Empowering Telecommunications Teams

We turn complex data into visual insights, so people
can make great decisions quickly.

Easy to Access Platform

Connect your people to your data across all rollout activities. Already have a platform? Great, Ambiflo can work standalone or integrate with existing systems. The 3D Factory houses the key tools you need for faster, better rollout


Ambiflo delivers solutions that allow you to work concurrently and efficiently across multiple projects, multiple areas, and/or multiple sites to deliver a significant reduction in rollout timescales and costs.

Automated Outputs

The 3D Digitalization Factory delivers numerous automations that save time and cost. Automated 3D Design, Automated Logistics, Automated Ordering, Automated Drawings, etc

Automated Workflows

Ambiflo tailors the workflow to suit your processes, your projects and your outcomes to ensure that all tasks, all projects are being closed out. The workflow provides live awareness and insights.

Key Approaches

We enable diverse solutions by creating modules that connect seamlessly.


Our objective is to automate as much as possible so that people are free to work in their core strengths


Eliminating repetitive low value tasks frees up time so people can be far more productive


We understand that rollouts fluctuate and are rarely steady. We have developed solutions so you can scale up / down quickly


By providing superior tools and data visualizations we aim to empower your teams to deliver projects much faster and better


We aim to digitize the entire process in order to pave the way for Digitalization


We develop tools and applications that are easier to use and simplify decision making


By representing information visually it becomes much easier to understand and promotes better decision making


By working with rollout teams we develop applications, tools, workflows that deliver for deployment teams

Benefits of the 2D-3D
Digitalization Approach

  • Our tools and applications are intuitive and easy to use
  • People become far more productive
  • People make better decisions, faster
  • 3D approach enables significant scale up
  • Assess large volume projects in 3D at desktop stage
  • Leverage the data / tools for Operations phase

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