Our Story

Ambiflo brings together a diverse team of highly experienced and passionate people with a shared love of doing things differently, and doing things better.

The decision to create Ambiflo was quite a recent one – early 2020 – and events since then have – to say the least – been quite fast-paced, reflecting the team’s eagerness to develop innovative solutions at speed and iterating often using a mix of modern development approaches.

Exploratory work commenced in 2018 because the team believed that the telecommunications sector was poorly served, from a technology and big data perspective and in particular the team wondered why2D GIS and 3D technology wasn’t being developed and integrated – to provide better insights into the selection and deployment of telecom RADIO solutions. despite the fact that huge progress was being made in 3D in other industries.

Those exploratory activities had an immediate and the response emphatically proved that bringing2D and 3D to the Telecommunications sector was far from a “nice-to-have” or merely “something different” (a gimmick) and in fact offered considerable advantages and benefits over the traditional methodologies.

Who We Are

Our team has grown not only in number but also in areas of specialization. Today we have a mix of expertise in Telecommunications Radio Design and Deployment Big Data analysis as well as Game Engine technology, GIS Development, AI, Machine Learning, Automation, Workflow Design, Project Management, Workflow Design, App Development

Our age profile too is very diverse – from teenagers (its hardly a surprise to learn they are on the Game Engine side) up to people in their 50’s

Whilst we embrace our differences and seek as much diversity as possible, we are committed to a common approach.

Why We are Different

Our approach is simple.

We ensure that all people are working only in their core strengths and we encourage each other to only take on areas / tasks where we feel we are equipped to deliver at a very high level. Where necessary, we can bring in expertise from outside our team and thereby adding new skills, new experience into the collective.

Each member takes on areas of responsibility and is given full autonomy.


Empowering the telecom industry to navigate the digital future, Ambiflo envisions a world where seamless integration and digital twinning technology drive unprecedented efficiency and innovation. Our vision is to be the leading provider of telecom-focused SaaS solutions, transforming the way telecom companies operate and thrive in the era of Industry 4.0.


Creation of the 3D telecom twin for simplified future expansion and design.